Personalised Funeral Plan and Credit Insurance


*Interest -22.90%


*Optional Balance Protection -R 13.00

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is required for credit terms,7 months and longer to cover death, permanent or temporary disability, unemployment , the inability to earn income or retrenchment

While we offer the insurance, you can provide us with an existing policy provided it meets our minimum requirements. Your cover will be based on your employment status

Our Credit Insurance Benefits

•No paperwork is required when applying

•Your credit insurance premium will decrease as the value of your loan decreases

•The claims process is simple


•Death-full outstanding amount •Permanent disability-full outstanding amount •Temporary disability-a maximum of 12 installments •Unemployment,the inability to earn an income or retrenchment-full outstanding balance (3 months waiting period for retrenchment and termination of employment)


Make sure you understand the terms and conditions ( including restrictions, limitations waiting periods and exclusions) when you apply. This will give you peace of mind knowing exactly what you are covered for.
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